PC Games and Realistic Simulation

We are a small team of coders committed to develop PC games

PC Games and Realistic Simulation

Our simulation games are supported by a powerful collision detection and collision response engine.

It was designed with 3d games in mind, initially for academic pourposes. But in the end we found it was perfectly suitable for commercial game development as well. So it was optimized and a solid rendering engine, entirely based upon DirectX and optimized for GeForce based video cards, was developed to go with it.

The first pc games we could produce were rough, but exibiting some stunning physics modeling already. We learned as we went and the result of our improvement are the games listed above. More titles are under development.

All games feature hardware rendered visual effects, like real-time shadows, particle systems and vertex blending, besides hardware supported 3d sounds and full support for gaming input devices. They can run both in window and full-screen mode, at various resolutions.



Concrete Bowling version 3.0 released

Simulate advanced bowling techniques like hooking, action and breakpoint management with this ultra-realistic bowling game. Improved simulation, improved graphics, new options, new controls and more!


PC Boules version 1.2 released

Simulation of the popular strategy and ability game. The PC game, inspired to games like Boules, Petanque or Bocce, is played between two opponents (human or CPU).


Are You an Editor?

If you are an editor (online magazine, magazine's cover cd, etc), feel free to include the demos above to any publication. The license included to our fully playable demos allows anyone to re-distribute them by any means, even as part of a commercial product!