Realistic Bowling Simulation

Concrete Bowling 3.02

Download size: 3.7Mb
Price: $19.99

Currently, realistic bowling simulation games are not so easy to find. The main reason is that a stable collision response engine behind them is required to perform a credible simulation.


  • Even more accurate simulation (pins can wobble back and forth when grazed).
  • New graphics (automatic pinsetter, 4 new alleys).
  • New sounds.
  • 4 tournaments circuit.
  • More statistics (all human scores and circuit winner names).
  • All the four human scores are saved in .txt files, so you can copy and paste the scores to a spreadsheet -like MS Excel- to analyze your results.
  • Mouse speed calibration.
  • Mouse or joystick/pad support.
  • New scoreboard graphics, shown only if requested.
  • Option to choose the human players that will play an event (i.e. you can play a tournament with player two and player four only).
  • Customizable human player settings, for each human player (preserved over computer switch off).
  • Runtime slow motion (press [S]).
  • Optional guided ball (adjust ball direction runtime).
  • Set Dynamic Simulation Mode REV parameters without switching to Parametric Simulation Mode.
  • Realistic Bowling Simulation PC Game, demonstrating Advanced Physics Modeling



Click the image to view the Concrete Bowling game footage movie, or right-click and "save target as" to download the movie file in Windows Media Player (WMV) format (0.7 Mb).

Powered by a Sturdy Collision Response Engine!

Backed by a strong physics engine, you will be able to accurately simulate advanced bowling techniques like hooking, action and breakpoint management. The performance is so realistic that you can really feel the power of a perfect strike, enjoy sublime split corrections, choose whether to base your throws on accuracy or power, adjust the entry angle, play the gutter, perform kill shots, spectacular broom balls and more!

Basically an unlimited variety of throws can be simulated!

Three different throwing systems!

  • Parametric. Set direction, speed and rev rate before clicking a button to shot, like in a billiard game.
  • Mouse-based (dynamic release). Just drag the mouse over a layout of the lane to set trajectory and velocity for the ball. Then drag it again to set the rev rate. In this second phase the direction of your dragging will simultaneously define the rotations about both the Y and the Z absolute axes. The system will help you to perform a steady release.
  • Arcade. Mouse based and extremely intuitive. Everything is just play and fun.

More customizable!

Change weight and hook potential of the ball to handle lane conditions. Play with CPU random settings or choose lane oil pattern and frictions.


  • PC, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Microsoft DirectX runtime, version 8.1 or greater (available free of charge at Microsoft website).
  • Audio and video performance of the game can be extensively adjusted. On a midrange PC (for example, Pentium 450Mhz, GeForce3 or ATI Radeon 8500), the game runs at maximum rendering quality and smooth frame rates. On older systems, it will run at smooth frame rates with lower rendering quality settings.
  • On very old systems (for example 166Mhz cpu, early 3d video card) it will work only if the video card manufacturer provides an updated driver which supports Direct3D advanced features.


  • Accurate bowling dynamics simulation.
  • Powerful and intuitive mouse-based or parametric throwing system.
  • Optional guided ball (change ball direction runtime).
  • Full range of cpu-controlled bowler's skills, from rookie to champion.
  • Single elimination tournament (16 players, one game per match).
  • 10-game tournament (cumulative-scores, 16 players).
  • 4 tournaments circuit.
  • Extensive tournament statistics (best score, best cumulative tournament average, tournaments won) both for human and cpu bowlers. All human scores.
  • 9 interactive view modes (both fixed and action-following cameras).
  • Three different release modes.
  • Up to 4 CUSTOMIZABLE human players per tournament.
  • Mouse or joystick/pad control.
  • Slow motion option.