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Downloadable pc games are usually distributed as huge installation files, dozens or even hundreds megabytes long. Downloading latest pc games is typically a lengthy operation nowadays. Yet, if you choose to download our compact pc games, you will find that this rule not always applies.

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Concrete Bowling version 3.0 released

Simulate advanced bowling techniques like hooking, action and breakpoint management with this ultra-realistic bowling game. Improved simulation, improved graphics, new options, new controls and more!

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PC Boules version 1.2 released

Simulation of the popular strategy and ability game. The PC game, inspired to games like Boules, Petanque or Bocce, is played between two opponents (human or CPU).


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Additional Download Sources

Concrete Bowling installation files can also be downloaded from Tucows.com and Simtel.net.

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If you are an editor (online magazine, magazine's cover cd, etc), feel free to include the demos above to any publication. The license included to our fully playable demos allows anyone to re-distribute them by any means, even as part of a commercial product!